Pilates Fusion Classes

with Liz Jowsey

Liz recently qualified as a Jems Practitioner in order to expand her understanding of the mind body connection in movement.

Jems is a movement system developed by Joanne Elphinston, one of the world’s leading movement specialists. The philosophy is based on the understanding that our mind is in charge of our all actions including the way we
move. Seems obvious I know!

Liz brings a fusion of Pilates, Jems and the Franklin Method to all her Pilates Matwork Classes offering a new way of moving and thinking about movement that will enhance your Pilates practice and your life beyond the studio.


To quote the Jems Movement website…

JEMS® is the science and art of beautiful movement, built upon a foundation of neuroscience, biomechanics, psychology and rehabilitation research, and balanced by the insights of a wide variety of holistic movement approaches.

JEMS® is about exploring possibilities, rather than accepting limitations. We all have spare capacity in our body systems, but rarely access that potential. Our brains and bodies are remarkably adaptable and they respond to whatever inputs we feed them, so a balanced diet of movement experiences helps us to determine the body we will have tomorrow.

Work on cause rather than effect. When an injury seems to have come from nowhere, or keeps persisting, it can indicate that the painful body structure is being put under pressure that it isn’t designed to bear. Learning to work with the forces acting on your body shares the load and directs it to the areas best suited to support them. Joanne is the originator of the Functional Force Management® concept, a new way to understand and control how forces act on our bodies.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. The keys are elegant, simple movement relationships that anyone can learn. When someone discovers a new way to make a movement possible, with more control, less effort and a better outcome, they have just made their movement a little more beautiful.


All classes are held at the Studio at Hallamshire Tennis & Squash Club, 716 Ecclesall Road, Sheffield S11 8TA.

Call now to book your place - 0114 2682148

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