Sports massage at Hallam Physiotherapy

Sport massage has many benefits and you certainly don’t need to be a sports person to enjoy them. In addition to feeling good, sports massage can reduce the heart rate and blood pressure and increase blood circulation and lymph flow.

The major benefits achieved through sports massage are:

  • Release of muscle tension and restoring balance to the musculo-skeletal system
  • Improved flexibility and restored/increased mobility
  • A break down of adhesions and scar tissue  
  • Injury prevention  
  • Pain relief Faster healing and recovery time

Sports Massage is a deep massage – not purely a superficial ‘skin polisher’!  Our Sports Massage Therapists have the experience to work with your body, allowing them to use deep techniques to give great results without causing the muscles to tense up during treatment.
After your treatment you will feel relaxed yet invigorated.  Whilst massage is beneficial to all there are a few contraindications which your therapist will check for prior to your treatment.

Cost of Treatment:  £35 per 1 hour appointmnet

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