I took up Pilates with Liz and Juliette to try to regain some long lost flexibility and to help prevent recurring, long term hip problems. These expectations have been realised in addition to much more. Their teaching cares for each student’s needs, continually improves strength, balance and mobility and perhaps most importantly, instills confidence in movement and physicality. This has been truly life enhancing and has made me feel positive about my fitness in future years.

Susi Clark

I started attending weekly Pilates classes with classes with Liz because of severe problems with my knees. After playing tennis at weekends,  I would have constant aching in the knees and often one or other knee would be swollen like a football because of bursitis.

As a result of Liz’s classes I can play tennis for over 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday without any discomfort or episodes of swelling. Additionally, a pain that I used to get in my upper back has disappeared.

I am extremely grateful to the friend who recommended Liz’s classes.

Alison Wright

My posture, flexibility, and general fitness are down to Liz”s Pilates classes. Using a variety of equipment and going on courses she has kept the lessons fresh and instructive. In a group class she can adapt an exercise for the individual who has an injury or restricted movement . I adore her classes.

Maria Jago

Several people at golf have commented that I’m hitting the ball a lot further this season. I think it’s a result of an improvement in my balance and rotation, brought about by participating  in your Pilates classes. Thank you so much!

Islay Barnes

I grew up with the usual poor posture and accompanying problems that comes with being very tall. Pilates has made me very aware of my posture and is great for maintenance after physio treatment

Penny Clarry

Before attending Pilates classes with Liz & co I had problems in my neck causing pain in my shoulders and pins and needles in my hands. This made it really difficult to do all the knitting I have to do for my business. Pilates has not only removed these problems but also improved my strength and posture. I shall never stop going to the weekly classes!

Alice Underwood

Co-Creator, Sheepfold

The best thing about Pilates with Hallam Pilates is the small class size and the fact that the classes are run by trained physiotherapists. This means I get individual, well informed attention making sure I do the exercises correctly. The improvement in my core strength is nothing short of amazing.

Kay Gill

I first went to Hallam Physiotherapy to learn Pilates on a one to one basis having had 4 major abdominal operations for cancer within 5 years.  I needed to regain strength and posture after so much trauma.  Learning the techniques one to one helped me to pick things up very quickly so that when I joined a class I could understand what I was aiming at.

As the classes are small you get plenty of individual attention which is important if you have any specific limitations. Instructors being all fully qualified physios can always offer an alternative if there is an exercise that does not suit you.  I have befitted enormously from the expert tuition and have regained full strength.  My class each week is an oasis of calm and I always come away feeling invigorated.

Louise Viner

I’m only in my teens but my poor posture was giving me really bad backache. After a few one to one pilates sessions with Liz I had a framework to go away with to continue my maintenance at home. I felt the improvement almost immediately

Ellie Bentley

Back pain dominated my life for almost a year, I found sitting at work painful and regularly found that I needed to lie down all evening after a day at work as my back was in spasm. I was really worried that it was never going to get better, especially after a MRI Scan that showed severe degenerative disc disease. I reluctantly tried Pilates with Liz following a recommendation from a friend, I now feel normal again and have even been out cycling and traveled on a long haul flight (2 things I couldn’t have done when my back was bad). I even enjoy it! The class is small and Liz is skilled at making you feel like you are making progress (even if it was slow at first). I would recommend it to anyone – not just people suffering with a bad back.

Caroline Burrows

I love Pilates! The challenge of making muscles work that I had forgotten existed gives me a buzz. Liz has so much knowledge and is extremely thorough!  I sought treatment at Hallam Physiotherapy after struggling with back & pelvic problems after the birth of my daughter. The treatment and advice have been excellent and specifically tailored to suit my level of fitness allowing me to achieve my goal of being able to start running again. I can highly recommend the service offered and I am delighted to be back stronger and fitter after following the exercise regime given to me by the Physiotherapist! Thank you Liz/Hallam Physiotherapy?!

Vanessa Kinman

When I started the classes I was suffering from low back pain and feeling quite ‘solid’ around my middle. After around five months I now rarely have backache and generally feel much stronger and more flexible. Thank you


After the birth of my first daughter in July 07, I didn’t realise just how much my body had lost its core strength until I strained my back lifting Ruby into her cot.  I have always been a fit person but one that’s struggled with a weak back for many years, now in my mid thirties and regular visits to the osteopath just for check ups I now found  myself completely bedridden and I didn’t know how I would’ve managed without my family to help out with the general day to day care of my new daughter who was 4 months old at the time.  After two months of agonising pain my Osteopath and my Doctor both told me to try Pilates to help strengthen my core muscles.  I went for an initial consultation at Hallam Physiotherapy and I was really impressed with how much they understood about my aches and pains.  This consultation lasted around 2 hours and was very thorough.  I now go to Hallam Physiotherapy Pilates classes on a weekly basis and really started to notice a positive difference after my third class to my core strength and balance.  I very rarely feel any kind of ache in my lower lumbar region now as I used to, particularly in the mornings and I put this down purely to the Pilates classes.  I would like to say a big thank you to Liz and her team at Hallam Physiotherapy for helping me feel so well and would recommend everyone to give it a go!!

Kerry Aizlewood-Lubas

I wasn’t sure about Pilates at first but it’s opened up a whole new world I knew nothing about!  I really appreciate the small classes and am grateful for Liz’s experience, personal attention and understanding of my limitations.

Linda Chambers

Better posture and core strength keeps me looking and feeling young, I intend to do Pilates for ever! I really believe it should be taught in schools.

Jenny Bentley

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